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    1. 企業簡介about us



      WUXI YEAGO MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of packaging, palletizing, convey, sorting/leading equipment.
      YEAGO specializes in comprehensive performance of packaging, palletizing and conveyor systems,and also provides a series of continuable solutions for the material packaging, transportation, storage and other aspects, including product design, manufacturing,installation and service, so that product value chain can increase steadily. Our equipments are mainly used in petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, salt chemical, coal chemical, metallurgy, port logistics, fine chemicals, food and feed industry,etc.

      "To design a suitable packaging production line for customers" is our business goal, and is also the service we provide for customers. Meet customers' diverse requirements and design programs suitable for them, accurately grasp the needs of each client YEAGO is committed to helping customers build the most suitable overall packaging production line solutions to reduce customers' cost and enhance their competitiveness.YEAGO is glad to develop with customers together!

      資質證書Qualification certificate
      我們的客戶main customers
      Call : +86 510 - 88888551
      P.C.: 214161
      Web : www.cashbackkort.com
      Fax : +86 510 - 88888595

      江蘇省 無錫市 濱湖區
      胡埭鎮 環鎮西路 2號

      Huanzhen West Road , Hudai Town ,
      Binhu District , Wuxi , Jiangsu , China


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